Hope in the Death

Hope in the Dead – Alone

Hope in the Dead

This is a new, currently non-LitRPG zombie apocalypse novel I’m in the rough draft stage on.


Caius has a bright future with an athletics scholarship and the girl of his dreams. After the best night of his life with the school idol Jennifer, Caius returns home to sleep off a hangover. He awakens to a scream from his sister’s room. When he forces himself to get up and check on her, any chance of sleeping in is pummelled, bloodied, and thrown out the window. Join Caius as he is forced to suspend disbelief and rush around town trying to save all that he holds dear.

If you were to lose everything, what would be left to live for?

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What are people saying?

“Nowadays, when we think zombies, we think The Walking Dead. And so we are divided in those that like it (how?) and those that don’t. Either way, it is clear as day that the setting has lost its shine. The dog has been beaten to death.

But sometimes we get surprises. Long ago, films like Zombieland made me think that zombie stories could be different from The Walking Dead or Resident Evil. There are other aspects to explore in this setting. Sadly, very few did.

I’ve read this fiction up until chapter 6, but I really believe this may be one of the anomalies which prove that the genre can still be fun. We have tragedy, we have real characters, good dialogues and rational decisions. We also have a badass cover and title. If it really ends up being a story about someone who chooses to be alone on a zombie apocalypse, then I will be right and you should all be reading, because this is going to be new AND fun.

Read it, even if you are not a zombie lover.”

lutexv from RRL

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I may go back and LitRPG it up, but the plot has been in my head for over ten years and I just don’t know if it will work or not. I will only go the LitRPG route if it will improve the plot. I believe the LitRPG aspects need to have real barring and direct the story, or at least make a difference. If not I won’t go there.