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Codename: Freedom – Officially a Best Seller!

Hey there ladies and gents!

As you can imagine, the last two days since publishing has been crazy. I haven’t had this much nervous energy since I asked my wife to marry me. I didn’t sleep the night of the 10th, and the 11th was a blur. If I talked to you that day I probably don’t even remember, or if I called you Charley for some unknown reason, I have no idea why…

One of the reasons I have been so all over the place is because my book released, and its actually doing well. This post is to celebrate a few accomplishments.

The obvious one is that Codename: Freedom is officially an Amazon Best Seller! Not just in one, but three categories! It has been sitting at number one in these categories all day today. It also hit the top 100 in YA Fantasy a couple times, which is a huge category with series like Harry Potter and The Hunger Games.

We are also at seven reviews and rated 4.6/5!

I’ll let you read them over there, although I’ll probably do a review specific post discussing them when more of them have come in.

I want to thank everyone that has reviewed! Nothing helps an author more besides buying their book. Do it! Which? Both of course!