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The LitRPG Podcast Review!

LitRPG Podcast is one of the main resourses of new LitRPGs coming out in the genre. Ramon is a best selling author himself, and has read nearly every book in the genre. He commonly reads eight or more books a week to prepare for the podcast. In otherwords, hes a machine! Highly recommend his youtube channel!
GeekBYTES Podcast!

The Review!

First of all, I couldn’t ask for a better review!

Here’s a snippet:

“Originally a hobby project on the Royal Road, author Apollos Throne has crafted this online story into a full fledged novel. If you read there, do yourself a favor and read it again on Amazon. Things have changed….a good action filled combat story that I read in a single sitting, even though I’d already read the royal road version twice.” Ramon Mejia, of LitRPGPodcast, and author of Adventures on Terra.