Apollos Thorne

Great Reviews! Thank you!

I want to thank everyone for supporting my debut novel! Its blows my mind that Codename: Freedom – Survive Week One was published a little over two months ago. Since then, the reception has been beyond belief. Its too good not to share.

Amazon Reviews:

Total = 84

4.7/5 Stars!

Here are some that have really been encouraging. These are not the only ones, but a sampling.

★★★★★ I don’t think I’ve ever read internal struggle like his in an indie book before, props to Apollos for an awesome job, I can’t wait for more!” AJ Larson
★★★★★ “This book will catch you. It’ll hold you in its immersive cube and not let you go until you have finished reading!” Jeff Dunton.
★★★★★ “One of the best LitRPG stories I’ve read, going all in on the concept with a melding of life-like systems enhanced by gaming ideals!”
★★★★★ “Most realistic LITRPG till now, IMO.”
★★★★★ “A Litrpg masterpiece.” Josh F.
Total = 201
4.3/5 Stars!
The Goodreads reviews are interpreted quiet a bit different than the Amazon reviews, as an example, a three star is considered positive with Goodreads, where it is considered negitive on Amazon. All together there are 95% positive ratings on Goodreads.
What is coming?!
Audio Book
I am working on getting an audio book deal for Codename: Freedom as we speak. Really excited because a well known audio publisher reached out to me. This is great news because they don’t take submission. The only way to work with them is if they contact you first!
Book 1 for Underworld – Level Up or Die! is well underway in the beta processes, and I have already begun working on revisions. I hope to have it out within the next month. Depends on scheduling with my editor and cover art, but its all looking like its coming together.
Other than that, I’m considering chaning the theme on the website. I haven’t had much luck updating it with chapters, so I’ll update you when I find something that works well.
Ultimately, thanks again!