Apollos Thorne is the author of the series Codename: Freedom and Underworld: Level Up or Die! originally posted on royalroadl.com. After 500k views on the rough draft of his first fiction, he concluded it would be foolish not to pursue publishing. A little over a year and a half later, he is now publishing book one to Codename: Freedom on 07/12/2017.

He first got a taste of RPGs with Dragon Warrior on the NES at around the age of six. Final Fantasy VII propelled RPGs from a hobby of his to more of a passion in his early teens. His first MMORPG was NexusTK – Kingdom of the Winds, a 2D Korean online game from the 90s. Since he has played over fifty different MMOs. His passion for reading and writing started later but was inevitable because it was the story of RPGs enticed him. In high school, he tried reading The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings but had trouble staying interested. It was in college when he picked up the Farseer Trilogy that his love of fantasy fiction really took off. After that, it was rare for him not to finish at least a novel a week. In 11/01/2015 he found the website royalroadl.com. As a website it allowed anyone to publish your fiction and get feedback from readers. He was intrigued. Beginning to post book one of Codename: Freedom, he finished eight months later. Another story came soon after and hopefully mid to third quarter 2017 he will be self-publishing book one in the Codename: Freedom series. Underworld: Level Up or Die! should come later in the year or early 2018. If things go well, he expects to publish a new book in each of these ongoing series every 3-5 month.